What We Offer

healthy-apple-summer-garden.jpgAt Mar-Jon, we provide a reliable, returning seasonal workforce where employees are provided training under proper supervision. We provide accurate accounting at a reasonable cost. Accounting of the basis in which wages are paid, if paid on a piecework basis, number of hours worked, number of units earned, total pay period earnings, specific amounts withheld on net pay as required by regulations. We will gladly answer any questions you may have regarding the H2A program.
We strive to provide a relationship for our employees that will be satisfying and rewarding with fairness, honestly, respect and by recognizing each employee as an individual. We provide our employees long term seasonal employment thus increasing their annual income.

Proporcionar una relación que será satisfactoria y gratificante. Hacer frente a todos los empleados de manera justa, honesta, y con respeto y reconocer a cada empleado como un individuo. Ofrecemos a nuestros empleados empleo estacional a largo plazo aumentando así sus ingresos anuales.

Payroll Services

We have an experienced payroll staff that will meet your payroll needs. At Mar-Jon Labor, we ensure that we follow all State and Federal Laws.


With our years of experience, we provide expert advice on your agricultural needs.


Depending on your needs, Mar-Jon Labor provides a variety of training’s like First Aid,  Tractor, Forklift and Pesticide. We want our employees to flourish and grow in all aspects!