About Us

History of Mar-Jon

In 1990 Jon Warling founded Mar-Jon Labor, LLC in Othello, Washington in order to be able to have and provide a farm labor workforce for his orchard and other growers in the area. These were well trained employees that were part of his returning orchard help.
Jon at an early stage of the business discovered that he could run a successful business by treating the employers and employees fairly without having to cheat neither one.

Mar-Jon Mission

We strive every day to be a company for which clients are continuously happy to be with be us and for which our workers always feel welcome and happy to be part of our team.
Esforzamos cada día para ser una compañía para la cual los clientes quieren con gusto seguir con nosotros y para la cual nuestros trabajadores se sientan siempre bienvenidos y contentos de formar parte de nuestro equipo.

What kind of business do we have?

Labor Contractor, Payroll Services, etc… refer to other paper

What do we do?

Provide the necessary workforce to businesses that require it; our staff has training, experience and motivation to carry out their tasks satisfactorily.

Who is our target market?

Area farmers, packing sheds, processing plants.

What is our geographical area of action?

Adams County, Grant and Franklin County.

What is our competitive advantage?

We have over 25 years of experience offering our services to clients and friends with honesty, quality, responsibility and efficiency.

What differentiates us from our competitors?

We have all the permits and licenses to operate our business with responsibility and transparency. We have been named the business of the year, according to the city of Othello.

What do I want to achieve?

Season after season we strive to fulfill the labor needs of our growers, and to keep our seasonal workforce with a job as long as possible.

Where do I want to be in the future?

Our goal is to keep our company growing season after season benefiting our growers and our employees by meeting both their needs.

Who will I do it for?

We are very proud of our employees for their dedication, hard work, and loyalty to our company.  They are our inspiration to keep our business running season after season.

Will I expand my area of action?

In our future we see our company continuing to service our current and new growers/clients.  Continuing to hire, train, a returning and new domestic workforce, and continue to grow as we have been in over 25 years.

Mar-Jon Values

Who are we? We are a company that cares about offering the best services to its clients as well as fair, and good working environment for its employees.

What do we believe?  We believe that an employee who is treated with respect, good pay and in a healthy work environment, performs his duties in a better way. It is very important for us to partner up with companies that understand that treating employees with respect helps us retain our employees, and keeps them coming back season after season.

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